Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Word 365: Health-Week 4

My One Word 365 for 2012 is Health. To help me stay focused on taking better care of body, mind, and spirit, I am completing a daily health-themed photo project. Please enjoy these photos from Week 4!


I know what you're thinking. What do cookies have to with health? Well, this photo is evidence of moderation. I limited myself to ONE bite of cookie dough while baking, and lo and behold, ended up only one cookie short of the four dozen the recipe is meant to yield, rather than the dozen short I usually do. Yikes!


New clothes! When I look nice, I feel nice, and feeling nice is healthy! :)


Ground Flax Seed provides a number of health benefits. We mix it into yogurt, smoothies, cottage cheese, and more!


We see Dr. Renata for regular chiropractic adjustments to support holistic health.


A simple and healthy lunch. The Falafel is broiled instead of fried to make it a healthier option.


We use Planet laundry detergent to reduce the toxins we're exposed to. It's healthier for us, and for our planet, too! (For my personal review of Planet detergent click here!)


Ushtrasana (Camel Pose). 
Opens the body and stretches the spine for mind-body-spirit health connection.

Have a happy and healthy week!

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