Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Delilah Fine and Fair,

When I was pregnant with you, I started a blog with the intention of chronicling my pregnancy and my experience parenting you. I started it with the best of intentions, but as life got crazier and busier while anticipating your arrival in my world, it fell by the wayside.

For posterity, the blog can be found HERE.

As your mother, I will make you many promises in this life time. Chances are, I may have to break one or two of them, and chances are that every broken promise will also break my heart a little bit. My darling little girl, I promise to make every effort to make this blog one that you can look back on (the thought of you being old enough to read blogs on the Internet give me palpitations, by the way) for proof that your mama loves you, and that being your mom is the most important thing in her world. Especially when you're a rotten hormonal teenager and we're in the middle of a screaming match about how you are NOT going leave the house wearing THAT.

I'm starting this blog with the intention of its main focus being letters to you, my dear Delilah, fine and fair. I will intersperse notes about what's currently going on with memories of your first few months, when I was far too consumed with cuddling you, nursing you, making sure you were comfortable, and gazing at you filled with wonder at the beautiful little girl your father and I created together to be bothered with documenting every precious moment of your precious little life.

Your part in helping make this a reality is to take plenty of naps, so mama has time to blog. Deal?


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