Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's What Wednesday: Chiropractic Care

The first time I went to a Chiropractor, I was in my early twenties and was dealing with some back pain. I went sporadically, and as such, didn't see very convincing results, so I stopped going. When I was pregnant with Delilah and found out that she was in a breech position, I tried everything to get her turned. No, I mean everything. I hung out in inverted poses daily, did guided "turn your breech baby" hypnosis, visualized her turning, begged and pleaded with her to turn, put ice packs where her head was, and made my husband hold burning moxa sticks by my pinkie toes. Nothing worked. I even conceded to have a high risk OB attempt an external version, but he ended up declining due to low fluid levels and the fact that Delilah had wrapped herself up in her umbilical cord so tightly.

My last resort was to see a Chiropractor for the Webster technique. At 38 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, I had one of the only babies that my chiropractor has been unsuccessful at getting turned. This could be due to the aforementioned unique circumstances of my pregnancy, or because we started too late. Still, this attempt was not in vain, as it resulted in the incredible relationship that we share with our chiropractor today.

Delilah getting her adjustment
Ever since that first desperate visit to try to get my baby turned around, I have continued regular visits to my chiropractor. Shortly after Delilah was born, she started receiving chiropractic care herself. If the thought of an infant receiving Chiropractic adjustments makes you cringe, fear not, babies are not adjusted in the same way adults are. Adjusting an infant involves no "cracking", just applying gentle pressure to gently coax the body into proper alignment.

What I like best about regular chiropractic care is the consistent contact with a like-minded parent with years of training and experience that I don't have myself. As a first-time parent, it can be challenging to determine what constitutes a "problem" needing medical treatment. Particularly as a first-time parent who prefers not to blindly follow the protocols of Western medicine, with its focus on medicating and treating, rather than preventing and solving issues. Between well-baby visits with our family practice doctor, we maintain contact with a holistically minded professional who is happy to discuss everything from diet, to teething remedies, to rashes, to developmental questions.

While I don't credit Chiropractic care entirely, I truly believe that our regular visits contribute to our overall health and well-being. We rarely fall ill, and when we do, our illnesses are short-lived and our symptoms are mild. Chiropractic care is an important part of a lifestyle that contributes to the health and happiness of our family. Chiropractic care is certainly no substitute for medical care when necessary, and when in doubt, always consult a medical professional. Still, in the absence of an emergency, our Chiropractor is our first resort for questions about the health, development, and overall well-being of our family. One thing is certain, if we decide to expand our family in the future, Chiropractic care will be an integral part of my prenatal care from the get-go!

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  1. I was very impressed and felt had to get a valuable experience after reading your article. I will learn more and I’ll try to implement. thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome to hear that even though your chiropractor wasn't able to turn your baby, you still developed a great relationship. Hope the baby is doing well!

  3. Visiting from NPN Blog Hop! I would definitely like to restart chiropractic care for my kids as I found it did make a difference - I just haven't been able to include it in my regular routine. I recently discovered tooth meridian charts which link the health of different teeth to the health of various organs in the body (including vertebrae) and thought that was an interesting perspective to give a chiropractor!

  4. I also feel that chiropractic care aids in my families well being. My children's first vist to our famiy chiropractor was days after their birth!

  5. I haven't tried a chiropractor yet, mainly because I cannot afford one, but I have read so many positive stories like this one that I am hoping to go soon.
    Visiting from the NPN Blog Hop!


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