Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Word 365: Health-Week 2

My One Word 365 for 2012 is Health. To help me stay focused on taking better care of body, mind, and spirit, I am completing a daily health-themed photo project. Please enjoy these photos from Week 2!


Hard-boiling eggs for quick and easy protein throughout the week ahead.


Smoothies pack a powerful nutrient punch! This one included banana, clementines, milk, greek yogurt, oats, and ground flax seed. It was delicious and full of protein and fiber!


Out to lunch with family, choosing the salad bar offers loads of healthy options!


We took advantage of the unusually warm weather and stepped outside for fresh air and healthy motion!


My pretty water bottle kept me hydrated through a long 10 hour work day.


We try to kick off every day with a first course of fresh fruit.


Sprouted grain bread, organic ingredients, fruit, peanut butter, and just a touch of real maple syrup make for a healthy(ish) French Toast breakfast.

Have a happy and healthy week!

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