About Mama
Photo by Nicole Aarstad

Mother of Delilah & Canon. Wife of Ty. Critter mama to Sadie and Nala.
Substance Abuse Counselor and Women's Group Facilitator.
Gardener of more weeds than flowers.
Singer of songs. 
Liver of life.

Optimist. Activist. Feminist. Altruist.

About Delilah
Photo by Nicole Aarstad

Delilah was born in November of 2009.
She enjoys reading books, playing with her musical instruments, singing,
playing in the garden, and petting her dog and cat.

About Canon

Canon was born in January of 2013.
He enjoys eating, sleeping, pooping, 
and people making funny faces at him. 

About Fine and Fair
Photo by Nicole Aarstad

Fine and Fair is a blog written by a mother to and for her children about the ups and downs along the journey of raising them as responsible citizens of the world with the values of compassion toward all living things, environmental responsibility, conservation, and celebrating diversity in all of its forms.

I have taken a pledge to Blog with Integrity.

Photo Credit for original blog banner and button images:
  Bella Photography by Nicole Aarstad
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