Sunday, December 8, 2013

Narrow Based Carrier Scarf Hack

Narrow based baby carriers or "front packs," such as the popular Baby Bjorn*, are controversial in the baby wearing world. Often referred to by the derogatory term "crotch dangler", this style of carrier is not considered ideal in terms of comfort or support for either the baby or the wearer. Despite their flaws, these carriers are widely available and are often the first carrier a new or expectant parent tries.

While they are not actively harmful when used to carry babies with healthy hips, there is some evidence that this type of carrier can exacerbate hip dysplasia due to the non-supportive narrow "seat" this carrier offers. (More info on baby carriers and hip dysplasia here: Soft structured carriers like the popular Ergo* offer a wider seat and better weight distribution, but may not be affordable.

Enter the scarf hack! Your Baby Bjorn or other narrow-based carrier can be made more comfortable and supportive for both baby and wearer with the simple of addition of a wide scarf, towel, or similar sized piece of fabric. This helps to achieve the recommended knee-to-knee supported seat with knees higher than bum.

Simply center the scarf, towel, or fabric at your baby's back and bum, spread the botttom "rail" across your baby's bum from knee to knee, spread it up to arm-pit level, then pull the ends around behind you and tie securely. Make sure everything is pulled nice and snug for optimal comfort and support. There you go! Comfortable, secure, ergonomically correct babywearing without having to purchase a different carrier or extra equipment! :)

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  1. you can also see how the carrier causes the wearer's back to arch inwards - will cause discomfort after a short while :( come to the snuggly side and try one of the many ergonomical wraps and carriers available! Check out local sling meets and sling libraries - they are a great source of advice and comfy slings!

  2. Thanks for posting some great pics of an awesome trick for narrow-based carriers - definitely makes it much more comfortable and is a great way to be able to use a carrier many people get at their baby showers. (And a neat way to add a pop of color to change things up!)

  3. Thanks for posting this! Not everyone can afford to buy an Ergo baby carrier... this is a great alternative

  4. How long is the scarf that you used?

  5. Think about it, when you carry your child on your hip, you lean to the side, arch your back and use one arm and hip to support the majority of her weight. This causes strain on your spine, shoulders and arms. Being close to your child is a natural thing, but my wife has a some hereditary problems with her back, so I decided to get one of this HipSeats. Now, her body is balanced, weight distributed and she can carry our child without the pains associated with traditional baby carriers or no carrier at all.Here you can find more information -

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  7. Piggyback Rider
    Looks comfy and also creates mutually enjoyable with mom and baby. Always remember that providing safety carrier is really vital esp. for babies.

  8. Interesting, found a baby sling library tomoz in local area but if unsuccessful I will definitely be trying this tho, I love the closeness but hate the achiness after and can't be much comfy for baby in the baby bjorn.

  9. Interesting, found a baby sling library tomoz in local area but if unsuccessful I will definitely be trying this tho, I love the closeness but hate the achiness after and can't be much comfy for baby in the baby bjorn.

  10. What a great idea, thanks for sharing. Kids will be more comfortable with it with their carrier. Great job ! Please visit our page White + Warren for more scarves. Thanks ! :)

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  12. Whilst they are not positively harmful whenever used to have babies along with healthy sides, there is a few evidence this type of service provider can worsen hip dysplasia due to the non-supportive narrow.

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  14. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I have this same carrier and my husband is very simplistic and believes there is nothing wrong with it so I can't justify buying the ergo or anything else. 2 kids later and it goes rarely used because I have lower back problems and it KILLS after only 5 minutes. So glad there is an easy way for me to fix the one I have...cuz lets face it...its fix what I have or go without in my house!!

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