Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Privacy Please

Dear Delilah,

At last, you have discovered the value of potty-time privacy. Up until last week, we kept a potty chair right in the living room. We figured that having it more visible and easily accessible would be a recipe for success. And it was! You've been doing a great job with the potty at home, where we let you go without diapers or underwear so you're able to go as you please. You haven't quite got pulling pants up and down yet, but I've got a feeling that when you get that mastered, diapers will be a thing of the past! Anyway, it was all well and good, but we figured it was time to start encouraging some privacy, and wiping your butt in the middle of the living room just didn't feel right anymore.

Last week, I moved your potty to the bathroom. At first, you needed a bit of reminding that the potty had moved, but you caught on quickly. I supervised, leaning against the door frame, while you did your business, then stepped in to help with wiping and flushing. After a few times through this routine, you decided that my presence was no longer required. You sat down on your potty, looked at me, said "No Mama!", stood up, and shut the door in my face. When you were done, you knocked at the door (you can't quite reach the knob) for me to come in and help you finish up.

My big girl, who has long been so independent, has finally decided she wants privacy in the bathroom. Hooray! Now if you could apply that to the concept that other people, namely your father and I, might also want a little privacy in the bathroom, we'd be all set!



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  1. Oh how I long for a bit of privacy in the bathroom too, lol. So great that Delilah took the change in her stride, im sure it wont be long now before she is completely diaper free :)

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