Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daddy's No Dummy

Dear Delilah,

I really love your father. I mean, really love him. More and more every day, especially since he became a father, because he's so good at it. So thoughtful about it. So aware of what and how he is teaching you.

Case in point:

Last Friday, as we often to on Friday mornings in the Spring and Summer, we took off in search of garage sales in our neighborhood. We found a few sales, but didn't have much luck finding anything to call our own. (Note to those having garage sales, do not advertise your sale as "Huge group sale! Everything!" when it is one garage with two tables of ladies clothes and some horse gear. That is not a huge group sale. That is not "everything".)

On our way back, we stopped at a sale about a block from home and had better luck. Your father found an adorable shirt for you (see? he's awesome!) and I found some unopened paint markers. You were playing in the driveway with a car you'd found, so we added that to the pile. The man running the sale informed us it was "crash test" toy car, designed to be slammed into walls and explode and then be put back together again. It even has a tiny crash test dummy inside; you have to push a button to make his head pop back out after the "accident".

We didn't think much of it, other than, "Huh, I've never seen anything like that before!". We paid for our purchases and made our way home to have lunch and let you take your nap. When you finished your nap and joined us outside, Daddy decided to see how the car worked. You looked on as it slammed into our back step and "crashed". At the moment of impact, your father looked thoughtful for a moment, then looked at me and asked "Did I just teach my daughter violence?" I couldn't help but chuckle as I answered "I suppose you did, in a way!" He shook his head and sarcastically muttered something like "Yeah, great! Let's teach 2 year olds to smash things!" He turned his focus to showing you how to make the crash dummy "all better", then relocated the car to the grass for you to play with it without causing any dummy-ejecting accidents.

That thoughtfulness? That it even occurred to him that this toy could be associated with violence and destruction, when most fathers would probably just gleefully slam it into the step harder and harder to see just how big of a "crash" they could make? Just one of many reasons I'm so grateful to be parenting with him.



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