Thursday, April 5, 2012

Filling Easter Eggs: Alternatives to Candy and Money

With Easter right around the corner, I've been getting excited to set up Delilah's first Easter Egg Hunt. We'll mostly likely "hide" the eggs in plain sight in the yard, so that's easy enough, but what to put in them? We won't completely deprive her of the joys of candy, but we won't be giving her 2 dozen eggs worth of sugar, either. She's too young to understand or appreciate eggs filled with money, so what other options are there? I turned to my facebook friends for suggestions, and wow, did they ever deliver!

Here are the ideas they came up with, many of which we'll be using:
  • Superballs and other quarter-machine type small toys
  • Stickers or temporary tattoos
  • Egg shaped sidewalk chalk (I saw some at the store today, or you can make your own with this tututorial that Momma Jorje shared with me!)
  • Healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, banana chips, or raisins
  • Poker chips or dice
  • Jewelry (make your own or buy play jewelry, amber or hazelwood jewelry, or beads so they can make their own)
  • Hair clips, barrettes, headbands, ribbons, etc.
  • Underwear or socks (in the bigger eggs)
  • Silly putty or little wads of homemade play dough
  • Legos, lego people, or similar small blocks (1-2 blocks per egg)
  • Spring-themed crayons
  • Jingle bells or egg shakers
  • Grow toys (the capsules that grow into animals when placed in water)
  • Mini bottles of nailpolish
  • Buttons or pins that represent interests or hobbies
For 10 fun ideas to get plenty of use out of plastic eggs after Easter passes, check out Our Feminist Playschool's suggestions!

What will you fill your Easter Eggs with this year?


  1. Cindy B (on fb) ~ I like little erasers and little things of play-doh as well (though I prefer to make my own). These are all great ideas for next year. Thanks.

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