Monday, May 9, 2011

A Spoiled Mama

Dear Delilah,

Yesterday was Mother's Day. A day for celebrating and appreciating mothers and mother-figures. I tend to think of it more of a day for children to show appreciation for their mothers than for husbands (or wives, or other forms of partners) to show appreciation for the mothers of their children. You're certainly not old enough to do that on your own yet in any formal way, but true to form, your father really outdid himself and spoiled me rotten.

He tended to you while I slept in a bit; then the two of you greeted me in bed and showered me with gifts. After that, he made breakfast while drank coffee, and then we headed out for a nice long walk. We went to a lovely brunch with my mother, your great-grandma, Auntie Nay-Nay and Uncle Jamie, and Uncle Jamie's mother. We followed that up with some fresh air on Auntie Nay-Nay and Uncle Jamie's patio. We took another nice walk, then your Daddy cooked dinner and gave you a bath. After we put you to bed, he gave me a foot rub and folded all of your clean diapers. By the way, I didn't change a single diaper the whole day; he took care of all of them!

My gifts included a "drawing" by Delilah, a beautiful amber bracelet, tulips picked
by Daddy & Delilah (I got the daisy at brunch), my guilty pleasure, and a gift card
for a mini spa day. And of course, a happy, precious baby girl!
Your father really went overboard. I honestly felt a little guilty accepting so many wonderful gifts. Your father never fails to let let me know how much he appreciates me as a mother and wife. He's constantly telling me what a good mother he thinks I am, and how grateful he is for everything I do. He is a present and active partner in parenting and in keeping our home. And of course, it goes seeing that getting to live the experience of being your mother is a reward all its own.



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  1. Sounds like a fabulous Mother's Day! Here's to Daddy's spoiling Mommies!


  2. Now THAT'S a spectacular Mother's Day! Good job, Daddy :)

  3. Happy 2nd Mother's Day :) It look like you had a wonderful time!
    This is velvetechos from lj by the way, I finally started a blog :)


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