Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How it All Began

Dear Delilah,

Today is the day that your father and I refer to as our "date-i-versary". Four years ago today, we went on our first date. We had been friends for a while, but once the sparks started flying, they really flew! Our first date was nothing terribly fancy or unique, just drinks and a movie, but it was the best first date I've ever had. It was a beautiful Spring day, warm and sunny, perfect for an evening about town. Your father was a true gentleman, and also one of the most genuine people I'd ever kept the company of. His dry sense of humor had me in hysterics, he was affectionate and warm, and he was completely adorable.

We made such great conversation over our Bloody Marys that we were nearly late for the movie, Hot Fuzz, showing at the local budget theater downtown. During the movie, we laughed uncontrollably, and he obliged my request to hold his hand. Snuggling into him caused an eruption of butterflies in my stomach that I'd never before experienced. After the movie, we walked around downtown, hand in hand, chatting and giggling as we strolled along, stopping to talk to friends and acquaintances along the way. One friend later remarked about how happy we both looked, and how obvious it was that we were having great fun together.

The night ended at what is now our home, where more talking, giggling, and snuggling ensued. Your father bravely approached me with a kiss, an advance which was not met with resistance, but enthusiasm. I can just hear the moans of "Grooooooooss" escaping from your mouth, so I'll spare you any further romantic details.
One of our first photos together, at a BBQ at my sister's house
a few weeks after that fateful first date. <3

The rest, as they say, is history. Since that first date, there have been very few days that we haven't seen each other at least briefly. I later learned that your father had been silently pining for me since the moment we'd met, although he never imagined we'd one day end up happily married with a beautiful little child to raise together. The laughter, respect, authenticity, and affection we shared that night continues to form the basis of our relationship today, a foundation that I hope will serve as a strong example for you of what a healthy, loving relationship should be.



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