Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Much for the Baby?

Dear Delilah,

This weekend, we had a garage sale. They're always a lot of work, but the idea of pulling one off with a toddler underfoot and with a hefty load of studying to get done was particularly daunting. Enter your father. Or perhaps I should say: Enter the King of Garage Sales. He took over and was integral in making our garage sale a smashing success. In this case, success is defined by getting rid of all the things, as our primary motivation was not financial gain, but de-stuff-ing. After the first day of the sale, he went through the house again, filling more boxes with unnecessary clutter to price and sell. He was constantly repricing, improving on the signage, and "fronting the store", as he called it. He offered freebies with purchase and moved that merchandise like he was born to wheel and deal with bargain seekers.

As for you? True to form, you were an absolute doll to all of the strangers coming and going. Despite never before being confined to the pack and play, other than for sleeping when we're away from home, you happily played, popping up to greet the bargain seekers filtering in and out. We lost count of the number of inquiries we received as to your purchase price, and ended up slapping a "Make Offer" sticker on you for kicks. No one offered, but between you and me, you're priceless!



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