Monday, January 24, 2011

Not-So-Manic Monday

Dear Delilah,

Last week was the first of my last year in class as an undergraduate. If all goes according to plan, (it doesn't always!) I'll complete my undergraduate degree in December of this year. After that, I'll start thinking about which direction I want to go for graduate school, but in the spirit if parenting: Baby Steps!

A new semester means a new schedule to adjust to, and I must say that you're having an easier time of it than I am. This is the first time since returning to school in 2008 that I've had class, morning class at that, every day of the week Monday through Friday. Since my classes start at roughly the time you and I were accustomed to eating breakfast each day, some big adjustments had to be made!

I've never been much of a morning person, but you seem to do just fine with the earlier wake-up. Since Grandma Bev recently had surgery on her shoulder, I don't currently have the luxury of her coming to our house to watch you while I go to class. I certainly took for granted the option of leaving the dirty work to her if we over-slept or I was just feeling lazy. The rush to get us both fed, dressed, and ready to head out the door in order to get you to daycare early enough to get me to class on time is a bit of a struggle for me. The sub-zero temperatures and extra car-heating and bundling up they require don't help matters!

Fortunately, you are about as laid-back and easy-going as babies get. (You get that from your father.) You wake up chipper and ready to greet the day. (I'm not sure where you get that from.) You leisurely eat your breakfast while I scarf mine down, get myself dressed, get your clothes ready, and start the car.

You've started to "help" in getting yourself dressed by offering up your limbs to be slid into shirts, pants, socks, and shoes. Even though pressed for time, I try to make a sing-song game out of it: The sock goes over your foot, the sock goes over your foot. The shoe goes over your sock, the shoe goes over your sock. You smile and giggle while I wrestle you into your coat and hat. You extend your hands to receive your mittens willingly, although I have to be quick with the second one or you'll snatch the first one off.

You've made the transition to going to daycare more often seamlessly. When we pass through the door at Jesse's warm and cozy house, you immediately reach for her, turn to me, smile, and wave "bye-bye". If you had more words, you'd be saying "I'm fine mom, now get out of here, I'll see you later!" The other girls shriek "Baby Delilah's Here!" and you relish the attention.

I can take a lesson from you in remembering to roll with the changes. All the while I'm cursing this new schedule, longing for the comfortable routine we've left behind, you are thriving. You remind me that change is inevitable, and that it goes best when you surrender to it and make the best of it.

You quieted my worries about feeling like I'm abandoning you at daycare for a couple of hours each day. As content as you are to be left to play with Jesse and the new friends you're making there, nothing beats the excited look and huge smile on your face when you see me come back through the door to pick you up. Even so, the other day when I picked you up, got you bundled up, and got ready to head out the door, you reached for Jesse again. When she took you into her arms for one last quick snuggle, you once again turned around, smiled at me and waved "bye-bye". Your sense of independence grows stronger every day, and serves as a reminder of just how effective building a secure bond early-on truly is. Just be careful little one, or you might hurt mama's feelings!



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  1. You are so sweet! I love your blog. Your kid is adorable, an angel! Keep posting and thans for sharing XD


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