Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Born to Strum

Dear Delilah,

You've been interested in musical instruments practically since your birth. Daddy started singing and playing guitar for you in your first week of life, and you've been 'helping' him strum practically from the moment you could sit up without help. While you have no shortage of toy versions of musical instruments (here's a video of you playing some of the percussion toys from your Parum Pum Pum Drum with Daddy), we've encouraged you to be "hands on" with our instruments. Still, moments like this do make me a little nervous:

Nevertheless, we continue to make our instruments accessible to you and allow you to touch and explore them. More and more often, you even manage to get pleasant sounds out of them!

When we travel to Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Bruce's, you're greeted with an abundance of musical instruments. Grandma Laurel is a music teacher, and their home is filled with instruments of every type. When we were there to celebrate this past Christmas, Daddy and I got to try our hands at Grandpa Bruce's new Dulcimer, and Grandma gave you your first piano lesson.

As much as you love a variety of instruments, your favorite is still playing guitar with your daddy.

I think your Grandma's caption when she sent us the pictures she took of you and Daddy playing guitar together on Christmas night was right on. You do indeed seem to be 'Born to Strum'.



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  1. That is darling. I have four kids and they do seem to be born with a musical talent. All three of my older kids play piano but only two of them seem to have the gift of music. The older one hasn't played in a long time and can't carry a tune when she sings poor thing. I love that my girls are always playing and our house is filled with beautiful music.

  2. Love this Joella! Born to Strum.


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