Monday, January 31, 2011

The Closet Cave

Dear Delilah,

Since you've made it clear that you enjoy spending time in your closet, I did a bit of re-organizing to make a little play area in there for you. I remember when I was a child myself how I loved to create little nooks in my closet for playing and reading. It was like a cozy little cave of comfort for me. You're quite a bit younger than I was when I started making closet forts, but you certainly aren't too young to enjoy a little closet nook of your own.

It took hardly any time at all to move things around to make it a better play spot for you. You're especially fond of the mirror! This has become one of your favorite places to play, and it has saved me from my original plan of making a play area on the front porch for you. Now THAT would have been a project! Your closet is warmer anyway, and now I don't have to relocate all my plants!



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  1. So cute!

    My littlest love the closets as well.

  2. Great blog! I'm now following from the January Blog Hop! Please follow back at: Feel free to enter to win! :)


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