Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Fair Compromise?

Dear Delilah,

Last week, I predicted that there might be some "discussion" today about which team's spirit we'd impose on you. At that time, it remained to be seen whether you'd be sporting this:

or this:

They say that compromise is essential in any relationship, so we settled on this:

Perhaps your father's wishy-washy football fandoms are destined to be your legacy. To be quite honest, I'm not so offended that you possess Packers apparel. I find it more off-putting that the only Packers apparel you own is a cheer-leading outfit. I'll spare you my rant on the ways in which cheer-leading sexualizes teenagers (and by extension, babies, apparently) for the time being. For now, it's back to my beer and chili and trying to teach you the Super Bowl Shuffle.



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