Monday, December 13, 2010

Better Late than Never!

Dear Delilah,

Has it really been a month since your birthday party already? Unbelievable! I didn't want my school work to feel bad, so I procrastinated writing this up so my research papers and essay tests would be in good company. In case you're wondering, I should probably be working on said essay tests right now, but this serves as my break from that. ;)

After I talked your father out of having it at Chuck E. Cheese, planning your birthday party was much less of a production than I was expecting. The hardest part was trying to decide in advance what time of day would work best, since we are slaves to your ever-changing nap schedule. We picked 2:00 and hoped for the best! The invitations were postcards with a photo of you on one side and the party information on the other. We saved one for you in your memory box along with all of the cards you received. As usual, I worried that there wouldn't be enough food, and as usual, there was way too much food.

The weather was pretty crummy on the day of your party. Early that morning, I started getting calls and e-mails from people who couldn't make it, due to either the weather or illness (or in the case of your Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Bruce, both!). As usual, I started worrying that no one would show up, and as usual, plenty of people did. In fact, if there had been a bigger turnout, things might have been a bit chaotic! As it was, I think it was the perfect number of people for your first birthday party.

When we got to Grandma Bev's for the party, you were scooped out of my arms immediately and given all of the attention and adoration a birthday girl deserves. You handled it like a pro, hour after hour, despite having only one nap (and an early and short one at that). Daddy and I helped you open your presents, since you didn't quite grasp the concept yet. You were much more interested in playing with the cards than tearing through the wrapping paper or dumping out the gift bags.

Another concept that was pretty much lost on you was that of the "smash cake". Maybe it's because you've been feeding yourself from the moment you started solid foods, but this was about as messy as it got:

As you daintily dipped your finger into the frosting over and over again, you kept looking at the eager and expectant faces around you as if to ask "What are we waiting for? Is something exciting about to happen?" I was secretly pretty pleased that you were so gentle with your cake. It was my first-ever layer cake, made on a whim since there was still batter left-over after making 48 cupcakes. I'm still pretty proud of that cute little cake!

After the cake, the party started winding down and guests started filtering out. You never showed any signs of getting cranky or tired through what had to have been the most over-stimulating experience of your life thus far. After some more snuggles with your nearest and dearest, we headed home, gave you a bath, and let you play with some of your new toys and books for a bit before putting you down for some well-deserved rest.

If Daddy gets his way, your birthday party next year will be held at Chuck E. Cheese. I think that we should just have his party there if he wants to go there so badly!



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