Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Tiny Little Teacher

Dear Delilah,

This is one of my favorite photos of myself of all time:

The day that photo was taken one year ago, I was in the very early stages of labor with you. I had contractions on and off throughout the day. Daddy and I went to what ended up being our last doctor appointment of our pregnancy with you. I went to class that evening, and the classmate who sat to my left touched my belly a few times, awed at how firm it got when a contraction washed over it. Several other classmates followed her lead and asked to touch my belly too, saying they had been wanting to for a while. It’s a good thing they asked that night; it turned out to be their last chance!

Just about 12 hours after your dad took that picture of me in the backyard, I woke up with painful contractions. After having 5 within half an hour, I woke your father up and we started preparing to head to the hospital. Less than 24 hours after that photo was taken, I was holding you in my arms.

Other than the day I married your father, on which you helped contribute to my happy glow, that was the most beautiful I’ve ever felt. I was huge. I was beautiful. I was uncomfortable. I was beautiful. I waddled. I was beautiful. I could hardly get up off the couch without assistance. I was beautiful.

There are a lot of old wives tales about how to tell if you’re having a boy or girl. One of them says that boys give you beauty, and girls take it way. I disagree. You made me more beautiful than I’ve ever been. Carrying you inside of me taught me the true meaning of beauty. You’ll teach me many more lessons, not just about beauty, but about life, as the years pass by. I will try to learn every lesson you have to teach me with patience, grace, and the due diligence it deserves. Thank you for coming into my life, Dear Delilah. Thank you for choosing me, not only for your mother, but for your humble and eager student.




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