Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day Light Might be Saved; Night Time is NOT

Dear Delilah,

Unlike most parents I talk to, I was looking forward to "falling back" for Day Light Savings time this year. Many parents anticipated the time change in fear of their kids waking up an hour too early, frustrated at having to work to gradually adjust bed time and waking time to the clock.

Not I! For reasons unbeknownst to me, but likely having to do with all the teeth fighting their way through your gums, you had started going to bed (and waking up) later and later in the weeks preceding the time change. I couldn't wait to move the clocks back an hour; I was certain it would mean that your bedtime would get back to a respectable 8:00, and your waking time a manageable 7:00. Bring on the time change!

Except, it didn't quite happen that way. Somehow, you are still staying up until past 9:00 (which would have been 10:00 a week ago!), and yet you are up and ready to face the day at 6:00. Thankfully, if I bring you into bed with me and leave you with ready access to my milk, you're content to let me sleep for another hour so, nursing at will, playing quietly in bed, and petting the cats.

My dreams of returning to a consistent sleep routine have been dashed. This morning, you ended up falling back to sleep along with me, and we slept in until 9:30. You didn't start your nap until 2:30, and you're still napping almost two hours later. If I don't wake you up soon, it's bound to be another late night with you. Will we ever get this mystical and elusive "sleep routine" down?

This morning, I noticed that we neglected to change the clock in your bedroom back an hour like we should have. The only explanation for why DST didn't magically solve your ever-later bed time is that you are the genius I assume you to be, and you've up and learned to tell time on me! Time to wake you up now, sleeping beauty.




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