Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crunch Time!

Dear Delilah,

My letters to you are likely to be fewer and further between over the next couple of weeks. By the time you're old enough to read this, you might not remember that when you were a baby I was going to school, working on completing my Bachelor's Degree. You might have a clearer memory of me working on my Master's, since you'll be a little older by then, and if I ever get around to a PhD, you're likely to be an adult yourself!

Anyway, being in school means that this is a busy time of year for more than the usual reasons. In addition to your birthday and the holidays, this time of year means finals are fast approaching, and that I have lots of research to do, papers to write, projects to complete, and tests to study for. This year, your Auntie's wedding is also on the horizon, and preparing for that joyous event adds to the "busy"! With so much to do, I'd rather spend my free time playing and being with you, rather than writing about you, so here we are.

I do want to write to you about your first birthday and birthday party, and some memories from your newborn days that are being brought to mind by the cooler weather we're having. I'll try to make time over the next few days for that, but for now, since you're sleeping, I need to finish up some reading in preparation for class tomorrow. Just remember, more time between letters means more time spent enjoying you!



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