Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby's First Fright

Dear Delilah,

The further you progress in your development, the greater the range of emotions you display. I’m spoiled in that the feelings you let on to the most often are those of joy, amusement, curiosity, accomplishment, and utter delight. Every now and again, you express frustration or a flash of anger. Up until the other night, one thing I’d never seen from you was sheer, unbridled fear.

The object of your terror?

That’s right. A bright and shiny butterfly balloon, a birthday gift from Jesse, who you go to for daycare sometimes when Grandma Bev can’t watch you. When I picked you up, she mentioned that when she showed it to you, you seemed a little scared of it, so she took it away. I thought the balloon was awesome, so I was excited for us to play together with it!

When Daddy got home from work, I went out to the van to get the balloon and bring it inside. As I brought it near you, a look of concern crossed your face. I brought it closer, and your face grew more alarmed until it clearly communicated the panic you were feeling, complete with a little cry of fear as you started shaking uncontrollably.

I felt horrible. I moved the balloon away and picked you up to hold you and comfort you. Your dread subsided quickly, and we went on with our evening. You had chili for the first time for dinner (you loved it!). After dinner, daddy cleaned you up and changed you into your pajamas and then took you back out to the living room to play while I washed up the dishes. Apparently, moving the balloon away from your play area wasn’t enough; you didn’t even want it in the same room as you! Daddy brought it into the kitchen, saying you kept looking at it with that scared little face. When I carried you through the kitchen to put you to bed, you wouldn’t take your eyes off of it.

I don’t know what it is about that pretty balloon that scared you so much. Maybe it’s the size, or the way it reflects the light, or the way it floats around. This was your first experience with a balloon, and it might have been helpful to know that you were scared of them before your Uncle Rudy and I picked out the balloon bouquet for your birthday party tomorrow. I’ve been using my knowledge of exposure therapy to get you more comfortable with the butterfly balloon, but if those balloons strike fear you in the way the butterfly balloon did, don’t fear, sweet girl. Mama will protect you from the mean, scary balloons!



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  1. :) And my son, the crazy lil man, just adores balloons. Sad that D is so scared...


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