Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trimming the Tree

Dear Delilah,

Admiring the Snow Outside
Last year, trimming our holiday tree didn't go quite as I'd hoped it would. This year, the experience was much more closely aligned with the magical moments I'd been envisioning. While we didn't go cut down a tree (next year, I swear!) we all went together as a family to pick our tree out together. The night of the first snowfall while you slept, Daddy and I brought the tree in from the garage to give it some time to settle before we decorated it.

 When we came down the stairs next morning, your big eyes got even wider than usual as you smiled and exclaimed, "Tree!" After our busy morning playing in the snow and a nice long nap for you, we set to work decorating the tree together, holiday music playing in the background and holiday cheer filling our home as we sang along and hung glittery balls on our tree.

Since this is our first holiday season in our new home, we were very excited about having more space for the tree. In our previous home, space was so limited that the tree always ended up shoved into the corner of the front porch. Having our tree right in the living room where we can enjoy it every day makes such a difference!

And of course, we continued the tradition we started last year of giving you your own "tree" created from one of the branches trimmed from the family tree.

We used a smaller branch this year, so it isn't quite as elaborate as last year's tree (which can be seen on Natural Parents Network's Wordless Wednesday post today, along with other beautiful images of holiday traditions!). My only disappointment this year was discovering that last year's dragonfly Solstice ornament, another holiday tradition, went missing in our move. Thankfully, the etsy shop I buy them from had one just like the one I got you last year, so a replacement is safely on its way, and this year's ornament is all ready to be presented to you on the Solstice.

Slowly but surely, we are piecing together our family's own traditions and special ways of celebrating. We have so much to celebrate this holiday season, and I'm looking forward to spending time enjoying the season with loved ones.



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