Thursday, December 15, 2011

Safe and Sound Sleep

Welcome to the Safe Cosleeping Blog Carnival
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Dear Delilah,

When you were born, I wanted to keep you as close to me as possible as often as possible. The nurses scolded me about sleeping with you in my arms in my hospital bed, so rather than put you down to sleep in the lonely hard plastic bassinet, I continued to let you sleep in my arms, opting not to sleep myself. It's no surprise that within moments of arriving home, we were seen like this:

I did a lot of research on cosleeping both while I was pregnant and while you were a newborn. I knew I wanted you close to me, but above all, I wanted to make sure you were safe. Your father had concerns about bed-sharing, one method of cosleeping. You were so tiny, and he was afraid of you getting squished. While I was confident about the safety of a nursing mother sharing bed space with her baby without blankets or pillows near the baby, I knew that the pain medication I was on after your cesarean birth made it unsafe for you to sleep in bed with me.

We compromised and opted for another method of cosleeping, placing you in a bassinet right next to the bed. This arrangement gave us all of the benefits of having you close by, without the risks associated with those pain medications and the blankets that are a permanent fixture during cold Wisconsin winters. Even though you were next to my side of the bed, when you woke to nurse, your father had to get up to get you, as the recovery from surgical birth makes any shift from a lying down position a very slow and painful process. Still, I was committed to safety, and until I didn't need those medications anymore, we either stuck by our plan, or I sat up in bed, awake, holding you in my arms, as you always slept better and longer that way.

Our sleeping arrangements evolved as you grew bigger and more mobile. Once I mastered side-laying nursing, there was no turning back! I could sleep while you helped yourself to my milk, and everyone was happier that way! When you outgrew your bassinet and we started putting you down for naps in the crib in your nursery, we discovered that you seemed to fall asleep better on your own.

That began the journey toward the sleep arrangements we have today. You start out the night in your own bed. Now that you're sleeping through the night more often, you often stay there all night and wake up happily before I bring you into bed with me to nurse you while I catch a few more winks. When you do wake up in the night, you join us in our bed, being returned to yours if you get too squirmy and need more of your own space, and then joining us again in the morning. Even though you don't spend all night with us, we consider our bed to be a family bed, as you are always welcome in it. Without our family bed, we'd miss out on moments like this, waking up and looking out the window together for the first glimpse at the winter's first snow:

Still, all of the warm, fuzzy moments in the world would not be worth it if they meant risking your safety. There is wide agreement among professionals and parents alike that the safest place for babies to sleep is in close proximity to their parents. That said, there is also widespread misinformation about the dangers of bed-sharing. When appropriate safety guidelines are followed, bed-sharing is a safe and secure cosleeping option. When bed-sharing is not safe, or just not what works best for a family, safe cosleeping can be a traditional bassinet near the parents bed, a co-sleeping specific bassinet (the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper is a popular choice), a side-carred crib (read about how Monika of aias dot ca side-carred her crib), or even a firm mattress on the floor.

Just as with all parenting choices, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some people sleep better alone, and some sleep better snuggled up to a loved one. Anyone who questions where our family falls on that spectrum need only glance at the three of us snoozing comfortably on your father's side of our king sized bed. I am thankful that we had an open mind about cosleeping and bed-sharing, that we took the time to look into the risks and safety precautions, and that we have embraced the concept of a family bed, even if all of us like to be alone in it once in a while!




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A big thank you to all of the Safe Cosleeping Blog Carnival participants!


  1. I love how you found something that worked for your family, and adapted as things changed. Sweet pictures!

  2. I love that first photo. How very sweet.

    Also...I didn't know that you were also in Wisconsin. That's so surprising to me since it seems like all of my favorite bloggers are so far away. Hi neighbor.

    Our children are very close in age too. My son was born in December, 2009 (Christmas Eve).

  3. Beautiful photos! And a lovely story. I also had a cesarean with my oldest, and found it cumbersome and painful to get out of bed for quite awhile afterwards.
    Good for you, researching and planning beforehand rather than trying to catch up afterwards like I did!! Lol! And cosleeping has all kinds of evolutions and manifestations; bassinet, bedshare, start in their bed-move to your bed, etc, etc. Being responsive and following and balancing everyone's needs is key, I think, to healthy parenting.
    Great post!! =)

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