Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Self Portraits

Dear Delilah,

Ever since you discovered your love for the camera, I can hardly snap a photo of you without capturing you reaching for the camera, yelling about wanting the camera, or pouting because you don't have the camera. Several months back, you started taking self-portraits.

Most of them look like this:

There are approximately 237 images like that one floating around on my lap top. It's always amusing to look through them and see what you capture in the background. I'll spare readers the shots that contain a sliver of your head and a direct view up one of my nostrils or a glimpse of the dog's butt.

The other day, when looking through your photos on the camera, I went from amused to impressed when I saw this:

A bit heavy on the flash, but you managed to get almost your whole face in it, and even mustered a smile! Before long, I'll be asking you to take the photos to share on facebook, for the family holiday card, and even for this blog!



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