Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Return of the Kiss!

Dear Delilah,

May 2011
Delilah gives Daddy a signature sloppy kiss
Up until a few months ago, you loved giving lots of wet, sloppy, awkwardly full of tongue kisses. When asked for a kiss, you'd open wide, stick out your tongue, and apply your gaping mouth to the mouth of your victim willing kiss receiver. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped. No more kisses. At all. For anyone. I'd ask for a kiss, and you'd turn your head away. I started to actually miss all that slobber when you stopped giving it away!

I've continued to offer and ask for kisses, but have tried not to push the issue. I don't want you to get the idea that you should feel compelled or pressured to give (or receive) affection or touch when you don't want to. Nor do I want you to learn that it's okay to pressure others to give or receive affection if they don't want to. I have patiently waited, stealing kisses on your cheeks and the top of your head, until you were ready for the smooching to resume.

Alas, the return of the kiss has arrived! And what a refined, demure kiss it is. Yesterday while we were playing, you paused to give me a hug. I asked for a kiss, anticipating the rejection I've grown accustomed to, but instead, you puckered up and planted one on me! Gone was the slobber and excessive tongue, replaced by perfectly puckered lips and a cute little "smack" when you pressed them against mine. As much as I loved the clumsy kisses of the past, I hope these new perfectly pleasant pecks are here to stay. Now come give Mama a kiss!



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