Monday, December 26, 2011

A Glimpse of Our Holiday Weekend

Dear Delilah,

Your third Christmas really outdid itself. As your father and I were getting ready for bed last night, he remarked, "I think this is the best Christmas I've ever had." And it was! We had three straight days of relaxing and enjoying family. We decided not to travel at all, opting to spend our first Christmas in our new home in our new home.

Our weekend kicked off on Friday, known to some as Festivus, when Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Bruce came to visit. We had fun playing games, opening gifts, going out to dinner, and just being together. Grandma and Grandpa brought you one of your favorite gifts, a piano that's just your size. After Grandpa and Grandma opened their gifts from us, Daddy gave them an impromptu Ukulele lesson!

After a quick pancake breakfast on Saturday morning, Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Bruce had to head out so Grandma could be back in time to play at the Christmas Eve service at her church. We got ready for our own traditional Christmas Eve celebration with my parents, Grandma Bev and Grandpa Rudy. We went to a beautiful candle light service, then headed to Grandpa and Grandpa's house to enjoy time with them, your Aunt and Uncles, and your Great Grandma. We ate a delicious meal and opened gifts before heading home to say goodnight to our own Christmas tree!

Christmas day was simply delightful. You finally started to figure out the present opening thing and enjoyed playing with each new gift before moving on to the next. We spent the day just relaxing together as a family, playing with our new toys (yes, all of us), watching Mama's favorite holiday movie (A Christmas Story), and eating yummy food before settling in for the big football game. You didn't get to see much of the game before it was time for you to go bed, but at least you didn't have to see your Bears getting beat!

We have been truly blessed this year, and topping it off with such a joyful holiday weekend was more than we could have hoped for. I hope all who read this were able to celebrate their holidays in the most enjoyable, meaningful ways!



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