Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do You Know What Today Is?

Dear Delilah,

One year ago today, your father and I got married.

You were there too!

Our wedding day was beautiful. It was filled with family, friends, and love. It held the promise of our future, of our family, of YOU. I've never felt more beautiful than I felt that day, carrying you with me, as I walked (well, more like waddled!) down the aisle toward your father, who was beaming with pride and flashing his beautiful smile at me. At US.

When we spoke the vows that we had each written, both of us included not only vows to each other, but vows to you, our precious daughter, who we couldn't wait to meet. Here we are, a year later, celebrating not only our wedding anniversary, but the family that we have started. Thank you, dear Delilah, for being a part of it! We love you!


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