Monday, December 5, 2011

First Snowfall!

Dear Delilah,

It figures that the year I was actually looking forward to the first measurable snowfall is a year of an unusually late first measurable snowfall. Or at least, it feels unusually late, based on memories from my childhood of trick-or-treating in snow-pants. Perhaps it's rather average timing for a first snowfall around here, but the anticipation made it feel like it took FOREVER. Oh wait, I'm the adult here? I guess I'll quit with the dramatics and complaining and get on with the story, then.

Late last week, local meteorologists were forecasting snow for the weekend. Depending on who you fancy; when, where, and how much were open to interpretation. I was disappointed when it rained all day on Saturday, feeling dissed by the snowstorm that was supposed to blanket everything around us in sparkly white. Shortly after you went to bed on Saturday night, Daddy glanced out the window and at last! It was snowing! He and I ran outside like a couple of giddy kids to check it out. I picked up a handful and was thrilled to discover that it was perfect snowball-making-snow. Your father and I may or may not have engaged in throwing snow at each other like the grown man and woman we are.


When we woke up Yesterday morning, Daddy pulled back the curtains to give you a look outside.

After a quick breakfast, we headed outside to play!

There wasn't a ton of the snow on the ground, but there was plenty to make our first ever little snow-person. You were a bit unsure of the snow at first. You'd never walked on snow before, so you stepped cautiously, but once you got the hang of it, you enjoyed it quite a bit! I caught you eating a handful of snow before I could impart to you the wisdom to avoid yellow snow, but thankfully the handful you grabbed was pristine.

I'm sure that there will come a time (I predict March or April) when I am sick and tired of snow. For now, I'm looking forward to all of the fun we'll have playing in it this winter, so let it snow!



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