Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Dear Delilah,

Your Uncle Rudy is quite the athlete, and cheering him on at his sporting events is a regular family event. This past weekend, Grandpa Rudy and Grandma Bev sprung for a weekend out of town for the whole fam damily so that we could all cheer him on at a baseball tournament. Last year's outing was quite an experience; your father and I were a slave to your sleeping schedule (or lack thereof, as it were), and missed out on a lot of the family fun as a result. That's not to say that we didn't enjoy ourselves! In fact, it was all of the fun and excitement that caused such disruption to your sleeping and eating patterns. See, you had fun:

And even had your first experience in a swimming pool:

But this year? This year was even better! You're a bit more flexible with your typical routine now, and more importantly, you're more able to communicate your needs and wants. You're such a social little baby that the modest crowds at the games, the shopping center, the breakfast area in the hotel, and the swimming pool didn't throw you one bit. (The cold water in the swimming pool, that's a different story!)

Apparently, babies are the coolest thing ever to teenage boys, because after winning their first game, your Uncle scooped you up on his way over to the post-game huddle. His teammates eagerly greeted you and even stole you away from your beloved uncle!

He sure is proud to be your uncle, even when you're too tired to smile for the camera with him.

After another game, a nap, some shopping, and another nap, you had a ball while we all enjoyed food grilled by Grandpa Rudy in the parking lot at the hotel, along with your Grandpa Pat and Grandma Lisa who stopped by for a visit.

Then on Sunday, there was more intense baseball action to watch.

You are such an easy-going baby that traveling with you is a breeze, save for the extra packing we have to do now. You don't even seem to mind traveling in the car, alternating between sleeping and happily chattering away or hugging your stuffed monkey. Your father and I are always so grateful when we get to spend a whole weekend all together as a family. It gives us the chance to be mindful of how much and how quickly you are growing and changing before our very eyes. Your are adding vocabulary and concepts to your repertoire daily, and we're starting to lose track! One thing we will never lose track of is how sweet, loving, fun, and adorable you are. Just when we think that living our life as our little family can't get any better, it does.



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  1. Cute post! I love seeing my brothers bond with my daughter. Who says teenage boys aren't good with babies? =)

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