Monday, June 20, 2011

DaDa Day

Dear Delilah,

Yesterday we celebrated your wonderfully loving father. I was deeply in love with him before you came into the picture, but seeing him evolve into his role as your father has added a whole new dimension to that love. He was simply born to be a father. He is affectionate, gentle, playful, and silly while providing you with guidance and support as you grow and develop. The way your eyes light up when you hear him walk in the door after work and start clapping and shouting "DaDa!" is matched only by the light in his upon receiving such a welcome.

Even before you were born, he was an attentive father. He never missed a prenatal appointment, he was by my side through all of the research I did about pregnancy, birth, and babies, and he even sat through documentaries like Orgasmic Birth with a (mostly) straight face. He was so eager to meet you, and once you arrived safely, he couldn't take his eyes off of you.

He is a hands-on father in every sense of the word. I can count the number of baths I've given you on my fingers and toes, and the number of times I've clipped your nails on one finger. Those are his domains. He's surely changed nearly half your diapers, picks out your outfits and gets you dressed on the mornings he's here to do so, and puts you to sleep with ease. Of course, playtime is his favorite, and he delights in playing music with and for you, teaching you colors and animals sounds, and rolling a ball back and forth. I couldn't ask for a better partner, and while I'm sure you'll doubt this at some point during your adolescence, you couldn't ask for a better father.

We are both so lucky to have him!



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  1. It completely warms me to know what a great Dad and husband Ty is for you all. He wanted a 'baby' at age 2 (I have pictures) and he's always had a great big heart. He's also great a dancing in the rain!


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