Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Too Cute

I recently won a giveaway on The Creative Adventures of Kat, an adorable crafting-related blog written by a creative stay-at-home-mom of three. I've been enjoying the creative projects and ideas that she shared, and was thrilled to win one of her hand-made tutus and the coordinating purse she threw in as an added bonus!

I'm usually not a huge fan of frilly girly stuff, but even I can't resist this tutu. The color palette (lavender, sage green, and chocolate brown) is right up my alley, and the way the tutu is constructed, Delilah can enjoy years of dress up fun with it! She's a bit young to fully appreciate her very first purse, but played contentedly while wearing it with her miniature sock monkey in it like a sling for an entire afternoon!

If you are even remotely interested in crafty endeavors, check out The Creative Adventures of Kat for innovative ideas, tips and tricks, and tutorials on lots of crafts and projects!

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  1. That tutu is beautiful! Delilah looks so adorable in it!

  2. oh my tutu!! she is so precious :)

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