Monday, March 21, 2011

Fine and Fair Favorites

You may have noticed that things have been more quiet than usual on Fine and Fair lately. Well, in addition to all of my regular responsibilities, I've been making some changes behind the scenes!

It's my honor to present to you Fine and Fair Favorites!

Fine and Fair Favorites will be the new location for all of my product reviews and giveaways. This allows me to keep the personal feel I've always aimed for on Fine and Fair while offering readers who are interested in doing so a place to read my recommendations for products, books, services, and businesses that I know, trust, and love.

All of my "Featured Item Friday" reviews have been moved to the new site, and all future reviews and giveaways will appear there. I'm kicking it off with a giveaway, so go check it out!

Links to both blogs (Fine and Fair and Fine and Fair Favorites) will be shared via the Fine and Fair Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding these changes, please comment to let me know! I'm also happy to entertain suggestions for a theme to replace "Featured Item Friday"...maybe "Foodie Friday"? ;)

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