Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating Women

Dear Delilah,

Today is International Women's Day, an occasion that One Wee Voice is celebrating by asking others to recognize a woman in their life.

Well, I couldn't narrow it down to just one, so I'm celebrating two. Your grandmother and your aunt. My mother and my sister. The two women who have been there to love, support, and challenge me through the ups and downs of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Left to Right: Aunt Janelle, Grandma Bev, Mama
Photo by DMB Photography
Last week, I called your grandmother to make sure she knew how much I love and appreciate her as a mother. I had been reflecting on my childhood, and noticed that the memories that stood out were not of the hard times, but of the resilience that got us through them and all of the good times we had together. I'm not making all of the same choices that my own mother did in the way I parent you, but still her example of motherhood shines through in my own mothering.

What stands out the most about the mother-daughter relationship that your grandma and I share is that I always felt comfortable coming to her with my troubles. She was always open and honest with me, and she never judged me. There was nothing I couldn't talk to her about; nothing I couldn't trust with her. She taught me the importance of honesty and trust. She taught me, by her example, not to tolerate disrespect or mistreatment. She taught me to be grateful for my blessings, and to serve those who are less fortunate than I am.

Your aunt, my beautiful little sister, my alternating partner and crime and arch nemesis throughout childhood, has become one of my very best friends. I have always been protective of her, and when the tables turned and I found myself in need of sisterly protection, she jumped into that role seamlessly and proudly. She has supported me throughout some of the most painful experiences I've endured.

These are the two women with whom I've shared the most laughter and the most tears. They are there to celebrate my achievements, to pick me up when I've fallen, and to take me down a few pegs if I get too big for my britches. They challenge me to be the best person I can be. My relationships with these two women were my foundation, my home base in life, from which all three of us have blossomed. Despite our differences, we come from a place of understanding and respect when regarding each others' choices.

I hope that one day, when you look back on your childhood and the way I mothered you, it will be with as much love and appreciation as I look upon my own mother with. I hope that you will share with any sibling that may come your way the bond of love, support, and friendship that I share with my own sister. I hope that you will have no shortage of women who inspire you, who teach you, who challenge you, and who support you in all of your endeavors, and above all, I hope to be one of them.



This post is in contribution to the One Wee Voice International Women's Day Celebration.

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  1. Beautiful tribute! Brought tears to my eyes...my sister and my mother both mean so much to me as well. These are truly precious relationships!


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