Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mama Yummmm!

Dear Delilah,

We're nearing an important milestone in our nursing relationship, the one-year mark. Nursing you now is very different from nursing you in the early days! There are benefits and challenges in breastfeeding a baby of any age, and they gradually change over time. When you were brand new, I never though I'd miss the days of staying up all night with you while you nursed for hours on end, but now I look back on those peaceful nights of bonding very fondly.

As you get a little older, there are certain aspects of breastfeeding that get a little tricky. It's not as easy to nurse you away from home, because you are so easily distracted and interested in the world around you. Even at home, it can be a struggle to keep you focused on the task at hand when there are so many things you want to learn and explore. As time goes by, you are getting more of your nourishment from solid food, and less from my milk.

One of the most rewarding parts about nursing you now is that you are able to express your appreciation in ways that are both meaningful and adorable. Last night you gave your father and me both a good giggle when in the midst of nursing, you popped off, looked at my boob, smiled, and started clapping. I hope all mothers get the round of applause they deserve, because it was a priceless moment that I'll always remember! This morning, your eyes were bothering you, so I hand expressed a little bit of my milk, a go-to cure-all, and used a dropper to put a few drops in your eyes. There was a little bit left in the dropper, so I squirted it in your mouth, and you smiled and said "Mama yummmmmm!"

I look forward to more of these cute and funny moments as we enter the second year of our nursing relationship. I know there are still more challenges on the horizon, but it's moments like those that remind me that it's all worthwhile. I'm grateful that we still have some of the sweet, peaceful ones, too.



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  1. This post makes me miss nursing; Bitsy self weaned at 21.5 months *sigh* Enjoy it while it lasts momma!


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