Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don't Touch That Dial!

Dear Delilah,

We're a little bit picky about your toys, in that we like to be careful and informed about the materials they're made from (and avoid certain materials), and prefer to stay away from things that might be over-stimulating. That said, you still have plenty of things to play with and are far from deprived in the toy department.

Lots of babies your age start becoming partial to a favorite toy, book, blanket, or other well-loved item. Not you. You aren't particular about which blankets you snuggle up to when it's nap or bed time. You like a variety of toys and books and don't seem to have one specific "go-to". You're an easy-going and laid-back baby, overall. You roll with the punches and seem to be very adaptable, as long as you get your naps, of course!

Your Grandma Bev recently asked me if you were starting to develop a temper at all, or if you'd had any tantrums. I thought about it for a moment and then decided that no, I don't have blinders on, and you really do have a consistently sunny disposition.

Then I remembered.

The remote.

There is one thing that can cause a meltdown of epic proportions in seconds flat: taking away the remote control.

When you're playing with anything else, you're indifferent if we take it away and offer something else. We switch between activities seamlessly with little reaction from you. But take away the remote control, and watch out!

I'm not sure how it came to pass that you became so drawn to that hard little piece of plastic with the rubbery buttons. The TV is on relatively little while you're awake, and when it is on, we try to keep your focus elsewhere, so it isn't like the remote control has been a permanent fixture in my or your dad's hand.

Our best guess is that those squishy little buttons are somehow soothing on the sore gums in your poor little teething mouth. (You cut your fourth tooth, your first one on top over night last night, by the way!) Whatever the attraction, we try to keep the remote control mostly out of sight and out of mind, to prevent the inevitable storm when the time comes to take it away. Every now and again though, you manage to get your hands (and mouth) on it, and we bide our time, hoping that you'll tire of it and move on to something else, saving us from your wrath.

I wonder if remote controls are made with BPA-free plastic? I think I just found my next google project.




  1. My daughter loved the remote (actually, she's two now and still loves it, although luckily she's moved on from chewing it to using it to randomly change channels). Good luck keeping her away from the remote! My daughter drooled in ours so much that it stopped working and we had to replace it.

  2. Oh my goodness- she is so cute!!! Thank for stopping by my blog:) Your blog layout is beautiful, and so is your writing.And can you tell me where you got those DARLING babylegs in your header photo?? I want to get some for Lily!! hugs to you and darling Delilah:)


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