Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Last of the Firsts

Dear Delilah,

It’s your first Halloween! Last night the three of us gathered around the table to carve our pumpkins. Your daddy and I carved one for you last year, too, but this year you were there to supervise the process. You even sampled a little bit of pumpkin!

We bought our pumpkins at a farmer’s market a few weeks ago. We got a big orange one for Daddy, a green one for me, and a little itty bitty one for you. As it turned out, that little itty bitty pumpkin was the toughest of them all, and we nearly ruined our knives cutting into it! Daddy carved a star in it and then I carved a moon. Daddy’s pumpkin has a big crazy tongue and mine is a peace sign. Your dad has gotten to be pretty impressed with my pumpkin carving skills over the years, and last night he accused me of having a secret past of carving mastery! He was sure I’d mess up the peace sign somehow, but I showed him!

You’re not quite old enough for candy yet so we didn’t do any official trick-or-treating. We dressed you up in your costume and walked around the neighborhood for a little while before returning home to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. Everyone agrees that you make an adorable mouse.

Even though we didn’t approach any houses, several people came out to greet you and give you candy! I’m sorry to say that your daddy and I will be the ones eating it.

This marks the last of your “first” holidays! It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true. We’re coming up on your second Thanksgiving, your second Christmas, and so on and so forth. Next year, you’ll probably be able to take a more active role in choosing your costume. You’ll get to trick-or-treat for real, and we might even let you eat some of the candy!




  1. She does make quite the cute mouse.

    I love the picture of her under the giant cat. :P

  2. Your daughter is sooo cute! I found your blog through Patti's blog. I too write letters on my blog, but not to my child...they're to my little sister :) She has Down syndrome and I love her so much. Especially because I have wanted a sister as long as I can remember, and now that I'm 18, I finally have one :)

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