Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taking Pride in the Little Things

Dear Delilah,

Yesterday, we ended up on an unexpected outing with your Aunt Janelle, your Grandma, and a couple of Grandma's friends. The initial purpose was to see Grandma try on her dress for Auntie's wedding, but we got to the bridal shop too late, since I had to wait for you to wake up from your nap. Don't read that as complaint. I am always, always delighted for 2 hour long naps!

Grandma invited us out for lunch, and I hesitated, since I didn't even have my purse with me, and had just quickly thrown a diaper into the diaper bag as we left. No bib, no baby mum-mum crackers, no extra toys, nada.

The restaurant was nearly deserted, and you were delightful. You're a petite little baby, so restaurant high chairs dwarf you, but you happily sat in it and chewed on the edge of the table, the corner of my menu, and even a few of my french fries! Grandma's friends were very impressed with the way you handled those fries. They'd never seen a baby so small feed herself solid food! Your Grandma proudly proclaimed that you don't eat purees, you only eat the real stuff! She bragged about you eating asparagus and broccoli and beans ALL by yourself!

You tolerated being passed around the table beautifully, so all of the ladies could admire you and exclaim over how cute you are, how strong your little legs are, and how smart you seem, the way your eyes take in everything about your surroundings. Thank you for being such a joy. And for not pooping while we were out and about!




  1. You are so lucky! Whenever I get caught in that situation, Bear never fails to do something that reminds me why I should never leave the house with my 20 pound bag of supplies. And he's a pro at pooping somewhere I have no access to a changing table. : )


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