Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Hills Are Alive...

Dear Delilah,

Music has been a part of your life from the very beginning. While I was pregnant with you, I sang to you daily, and played guitar for you...up until my belly got too big to do so comfortably! Your daddy played guitar and sang for you in the womb, too! The regular singing and guitar playing continued after your birth. Daddy takes care of most of the guitar duties, since as you'll come to find out, he's a much better guitar player than I am! It doesn't stop me from torturing you with my playing every now and again though!

Your daddy and I have both created stations for you on Pandora Radio. I'm not sure how daddy made his, but I made mine by "liking" (or not) each song based on your reaction to it.

The more you babble, we differentiate what seems like singing from what seems like talking. We've let you try your hand at egg-shaker maracas, and I must say that your sense of rhythm is impressive for a baby your age! When we went to visit your Grandma Laurel in May, you got to play the organ for the first time.

You were captivated by the big sounds that came out with each tap of the keys from your tiny little fingers. During that same visit, Grandma Laurel gave you a little toy piano to play with. Over the past week, it has become your favorite toy, and has lent itself to lessons from your mama in solfege (Do, a dear a female dear; Re, a drop of golden sun!). You've started singing along as you gleefully bang on the keys, and, perhaps accidentally, have even matched the tone you are singing with the note you are playing a few times!

It is certainly no surprise that you're taking to music. Your father and I have wondered since before you were even born what sort of music you'd like. Will you pick up all things strings like your Luthier father? (Rumor has it he can hold his own with a saxophone, too.) Will you prefer singing and dancing in a show choir like your mama? Maybe flute and piano like Grandma Bev? Perhaps you'll take after your Grandma Laurel, a music teacher, and play a bit of everything! Of course there's always the chance you'll take after your Uncle Rudy, and go the route of a star athlete instead!

Whatever path you follow, you've got no shortage of cheerleaders in your corner, ready to support you in all of your endeavors. The interests you pursue will be your choice, but you can bet that your mom and dad will gently nudge you in the direction of all things musical!




  1. SOOOO sweet Joella!!

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  2. I love this blog so much. It's so sweet. She is so precious!


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