Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Battle of Wills

Dear Delilah,

You are making your desire to crawl abundantly clear. I am trying my damndest with stern looks and the best "serious business" voice I can muster to make it abundantly clear that mobility isn't really that exciting, and that it's perfectly fine for you to wait to start crawling until you're...oh...3 years old sounds pretty good! My stern looks, however, are no match for your beaming, sunshine of my life, melt away all that's wrong in the world smile.

Your current mode of transportation is hysterical, by the way, and merits mentioning. I've heard of babies who roll everywhere. You are not one of those babies. In fact, when you first rolled from your front to your back, you did it non-stop for about a day, and then didn't do it again for like, 2 months. Same with rolling back to front. This rolling business is apparently just not your bag.

Instead, you prefer a sort of inchworm approach. You roll onto your back (rolling is only good for getting on to your back to inchworm, or getting on to your front to continue willing yourself to crawl), arch your back WAY up, and then straighten yourself out in such a way that you manage to propel yourself backward a few inches. The back of your head is pretty torn up from this. Your father and I are starting to fear that the bald spot that resides there is permanent.

While it is truly a thrill to see you grow and develop, and I can't contain my excitement at seeing you get just a little bit closer to crawling with each day that dawns, I'm not sure I'm ready to keep up with you yet! Before I know it, you'll be eating out of the dog dish, stuffing the dust bunnies in the corner up your nose, banging your head against the glass panels in the TV stand, and gleefully crumpling up my work documents (which I should really find a place for, other than the floor).

My dear child, your will to crawl is coming from every fiber of your being, and is overcoming my attempts to will you to be still. I predict that in the coming years, our battles of will shall be plentiful and of epic proportions. Prepare yourself to lose most of them. In this particular case, however, victory will be yours, and soon.




  1. AWESOME BLOG - Inchworm thing sounds cute. Hope you are videotaping and taking pictures of every bit....Poor little head...bald spot?? HA HA!! Love this blog Joella! Oh the things I get to look forward to one day. Hopefully (Fingers crossed).

  2. I'm coming from the Crunch Hop!

    I am laughing because I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. A month ago my then 6 month old would do the exact thing! Only now she rolls all over the entire house! How old is your little one?

  3. Hey! Found you from the crunch hop. I am in love with how you write her letters. Great way to capture the memories : )

  4. AWWW Delilah is such a beautiful name!! I love your blog! Her inchworm-ing is hilarious!! I can't wait until my little one gets mobile! He's barely sitting up now! In any it here! Will definitely follow! I found you from the Crunch Hop. Check out The Mommyhood

  5. Obviously there is only one solution to the bald spot.

    A baby helmet with wheels on the back.


    Yeah, definitely enjoy the non-crawling time. Crawling babies are CRAZY! And exhausting! @_@ Especially when they try to stand up on everything too. Lots of ouchies!

  6. I had to laugh at the inchworm! I had just posted about our son doing the worm.


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