Thursday, July 25, 2013

6 Months

Dear Canon,

Today, you are 6 months old.

Those words don't even look right. It can't be! How can half a year have already passed by since your birth? How can we be just half a year away from your first birthday? Why can't you stay my baby forever?

The joy you have brought to our lives in these short months is immeasurable. I do not exaggerate at all when I say that I'm certain you are the happiest baby who has ever existed. You have an easygoing personality and a smile for every person who crosses your path. You have picked up your sister's shrieking laughter and have begun to take after her love for banging on pianos and drums. The similarities between you and your sister otherwise seem to end there! Where she was tiny and delicate, you are ample and sturdy. Where she focused on fine motor skills, you are mastering gross motor skills with ease. Where she slept better in her own her space, you get the best night's sleep snuggled up in our bed.

At 6 months old, you can roll all over the place, and can sit unassisted. You have two teeth and more on the way. You can get up on your hands and knees, rock back and forth, and even push up into an impressive downward dog.

You love to be worn and to snuggle as much as you love to work toward crawling. You love watching the dog and cat, and giggle with glee when you manage to grab a fistful of fur or a mouthful of tail. (Ew, by the way.) You love when your daddy makes silly faces, and when I sing silly songs. You love your babysitter and her children. You seem to love everyone, but there is no one you love more than your big sister.

She clearly adores you, too.

You are the piece that completes the puzzle of our family. Our big, sweet, snuggly, smiley, beautiful baby boy. We love you Canon, and we thank you for all of the smiles, laughter, and love that you have brought into our life. We can't imagine life, or our family, without you in it!




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