Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Considerably Pregnant

The other day, upon waking, my husband was looking at my admiring my very round and robust shape and said with a smile "You are considerably pregnant."

38 Weeks
Indeed, I am! And in my state of considerable pregnant-ness, I am actively preparing for my upcoming birth in a number of ways!

The Birth Blessing Flags from my Mama Blessing
adorn the window in the "Labor/Postpartum Suite" :)

The Birth Blessing Flags from my fellow Natural Parents Network Volunteers
adorn my front window, where I will be able to see them from the birth pool!

Dilation Visualization
One of my friends brought these tulips to my Mama Blessing. I am using them for visualization and imagining that my body is gradually opening for birth as the flowers open!


  1. I love mama blessing pictures! My sister-in-law had a great one a few weeks ago. I hope you have a happy baby and the birth you want.

  2. I love the idea of the flowers opening providing that visualization!

  3. What lovely preparations for your birth! Thinking of you!!!!!! <3

  4. So excited that you're GIVING BIRTH as I finally write this comment. :) Wishing you lots of peaceful, patient, lovely birthing vibes.


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