Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Your Way

Note: This letter was written early in labor, around 2 am on January 23rd. I never imagined it would be two more days before I finally met my beautiful son! His complete birth story can be found here: The Home Birth Cesarean of Canon Patrick 

Dear Canon,

Your birthing time has come! You are on your way. My water broke about five and a half hours ago, shortly after your big sister went to sleep, and it was entirely surreal. Your father called the midwife, and she reminded of us of some precautions to take since my water had broken, and told us to eat something and go to bed. A couple hours later, we made it to bed, but I couldn't sleep. Contractions started shortly after I laid down, naturally, and though they are still sporadic, they are definitely real, and they are definitely more challenging to manage laying down.

While the rest of the house is sleeping, it's just you and me. Just you in me, in these last moments where we are alone as one. In a matter of hours, your father will be awake (sooner if I need him), the midwives will be here, your sister will be awaking and off to Grandma's house until your arrival, and together, we will complete your journey into this world.

I'm excited to see how it will all unfold. Will your birthday be today, January 23rd, or will you hold out for the 24th? I'll know soon enough. As I sit here in this chair, pausing to sway through pressure waves, as Hypnobabies would have me call them (3 since I started writing), I can almost see your face in my mind.

While we have the support your father and our midwives, it is ultimately up to us, to you and me, to guide you into this world smoothly and gently. Let's work together to make your birth as peaceful as possible, for both of us.

I can't wait to meet you, my dear sweet son.




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