Friday, July 15, 2011

A River Rat is Born

Dear Delilah,

Earlier this year, your Aunt Janelle and Uncle Jamie bought a boat. Since then, they've been spending as much time using it as possible, and were eager to get you out for your first river experience. Finally, on the weekend of the 4th of July, our schedules worked out so that we were able to spend the afternoon with them on the river!

When I bought your life jacket, the woman who helped me warned me that most babies aren't very happy to wear life jackets. I smugly thought that MY easy-going baby would LOVE her life jacket! The first time I put you in it to try it on, you were not happy. I figured it would go better when your father was there to help. When we tried it on you again the morning of the big day, it did go better getting you into the life jacket, but you still were not happy with actually wearing it.

When we met up with your Aunt and Uncle at the boat landing, we made a big production of how cool and fun and exciting your life jacket was. You didn't buy it. The combination of the big bulky jacket, the wind, and the water made for a boat ride that wasn't that much fun for you. Uncle Jamie drove the boat very slowly and ee moved you around to various position on the boat to try to minimize the wind, but you just weren't having it. Uncle Jamie even let you help drive, but you remained un-amused.

When we arrived at the sandbar that they and their friends had been camping at, and you were freed from you life jacket, your demeanor turned around immediately. You loved playing in the sand, and after you got used to the water, you had a blast splashing around in the river with the other babies.

Our afternoon came to an end much too quickly, but alas, it was time to brave the boat again for the ride back. The other mothers assured me that after the first few boat rides, their babies found their life jackets much more tolerable. We're looking forward to many more river adventures with your Aunt and Uncle! Hopefully by the end of the summer, you'll enjoy the boat ride as much as you enjoy the sand, sun, and splashing!



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