Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth

Dear Delilah,

This past holiday weekend was one to remember. It's rare that your father has an entire weekend off work, much less a three-day weekend, and we savored every moment! The weekend was filled with long walks, good food, friends and family, fun and relaxation. Saturday we attended a wedding and reception, and while you didn't stay perfectly quiet or sit perfectly still, your interruptions were few and were adorable at that. You garnered a few giggles when you delightfully squealed "Oooooooohh!" when you caught sight of the bride coming down the aisle. A woman sitting behind us was happy to wave back and forth with you as you said "Hi!" a few times, and the couple in front of us welcomed you enthusiastically when you wandered up to the pew they were sitting in. You handled the crowded reception marvelously, even as it inched closer and closer to your bed time.

Sunday we spent the afternoon on the river, but I'll say more about that (with pictures!) later this week.

After a busy weekend, we opted to spend Monday, Independence Day, at home, just the three of us. I took my time cooking breakfast, we had a nice walk around the neighborhood, and then had an easy lunch and put you down for a nap. While you were napping, we filled your new kiddie pool to give the sun time to warm the water, then your father and I lounged outside in the sun until you awoke.

At first, you wanted nothing to do with the tiny little pool. It took me getting into it to warm you up to the idea, and let me tell you, the image of your mama in that tiny 3' by 3' pool was a sight to see! When you got used to it, you happily splashed and played until we noticed your feet getting pruny just in time for Daddy to fire up the grill and get dinner going.

We spent the rest of the late afternoon and early evening playing and eating outside. You found two little twigs which you used as makeshift drumsticks, the sidewalk serving as the drum while you bobbed your head to the beat you were creating. We walked around the yard appreciating the beautiful colors and fragrance of all the lilies in bloom. We enjoyed our grilled meal outside, and you even managed to eat more of it than you threw on the ground or fed to Sadie! When all was said and done, you pleasantly surprised by sleeping soundly through the constant barrage of blasts and booms as fireworks went off all around the neighborhood.

It was the epitome of the perfect summer day, and I hope we get to enjoy many more before the seasons change all too soon!



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