Monday, April 18, 2011

Snuggly Swinging

Dear Delilah,

The weather lately has been typical of Spring in Wisconsin. Within a week's time, we had 80 degrees, tornado warnings, and yes, even snow. You went from trying out your first pair of flip-flops and back to winter jackets and hats more than once!

Yesterday was a bit of  a reprieve from the latest bout of nasty weather we've had, so we took advantage of it and headed over to the park in our neighborhood. I was sure you'd enjoy the swings, since you love your swing in our backyard so much. I got on the swing with you on my lap, facing forward, but instead of delighted giggles, you let out some terrified shrieks when I set us into motion! I turned you around to face me instead, and you found the snuggly swinging far more enjoyable. I'll tell you a secret. So did I.

 When we tired of the swings, we headed over to the little jungle gym and played around on that for a while before heading back home. Last night, a friend with a baby around the same age as you noted that at 18 months, babies officially become "toddlers". You will always be my baby, but there is no denying that you're growing up. Your father and I marvel every day at how you've grown. Almost every night after we put you to bed, we stop at the book case to look at your newborn photo, and sit in awe of how much you've changed as you transform into your own little person. Looking at photos of you these days, there's no denying that you're more "kid" than "baby".

All too soon, you'll delight more in running away from me than cuddling up, and will be asking me to push you on the swings rather than join you on them. The memory of you swinging in the park with me, snuggled up resting your head on my chest, feeling safe in your mama's arms, will remain forever etched upon my mind.



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