Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At Long Last

Dear Delilah,

One of the many milestones that you've adopted the tortoise mentality towards (Slow and steady wins the race!) is hair growth. You've been one bald baby for a long time. Your hair growth has been so gradual that until a friend mentioned it, I didn't realize that your hair is finally long enough for this:

While I'm generally not one for frills, even I must admit that this is adorable. I still don't think you've got quite enough for a whale spout pony tail or pig tails, but this is an exciting first step in what I'm sure will eventually become the battle of your hair. I just hope you won't develop a flair for extra-fancy hairstyles, since the extent of my hair styling repertoire is limited to barrettes, ponytails, and braids!



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  1. A really cute photo, and I can so relate about the hair (or lack of it!). My little 16 month old granddaughter has about the same amount as Delilah, but it seems as if it is going to be curly. Actually, looking at the photo again, I think Delilah has more hair than Ruby!

  2. Oh! A hairclip! Love it! I always had baldies, too. It was at around 18 mos that the hair started looking like it really was there. So, so cute!!!!

  3. That is cute!

    I wonder often what kind of hair this little one will have when she makes her appearance, Jack's hair was a little slow to start but now it just grows and grows!


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