Monday, February 21, 2011

Ugly Betty the Abandoned Puppy

Since I'm too exhausted from nursing a sick little Delilah back to tip-top shape to write much of interest, I bring you a good ol' tug at the heart strings with the tale of Ugly Betty.

When a friend posted on his facebook page that he'd found an abandoned puppy in rough shape by his mailbox, complete with photos of exactly what he meant by "rough shape", my water works started flowing. It's no secret that I love animals, so it breaks my heart to hear of sick and injured domesticated animals being abandoned to fend for themselves against the elements.

Fortunately, my friend not only has a heart of gold, but a generous spirit. While he's not in a position to make her his own (or so he says now, but I've got a feeling there may be love brewing over there!) he couldn't bear the thought of dropping her off at a shelter, fate unknown. So he took her in, fed her, cleaned her up a bit, and took her to the vet to find out the extent of her medical issues. He was given a variety of pills and potions just to get her healthy enough so that she could be treated for mange. That first vet bill (even with a free bag of dog food and a discount) came to $157, and the vet estimated that it would take a month or two before she'll get a clean bill of health.

That was making a long story relatively short, but there's much more info on the saga of Ugly Betty on the facebook page my friend dedicated to her at the request of her fans and supporters. If you are able to spare a dollar or two (or 5 or 10!) to help offset the cost of her care while she mends up in hopes of finding her forever home, you can do so at her donation page. You can further help by spreading the word by sharing or linking to her facebook page, donation page, or this post. Let's help turn Ugly Betty into Happy Healthy Beautiful Betty! :)

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