Monday, February 28, 2011


Dear Delilah,

When you were just a tiny wee baby, we took you to one of your Uncle (Unc) Rudy's basketball games. You slept through the whole entire thing. Whistles, cheers, and buzzers couldn't stir you. More recently, sounds like whistles, buzzers, and loud cheers startled and frightened you. Last summer, we took you to one of the local team's baseball games, and I started to dread each run, knowing that the eruption of cheers and applause would get you screaming in fear.

Given your more recent aversion to sudden loud noises and outbursts of applause, I wasn't sure how you'd handle going to Unc's basketball tournament this past weekend. Knowing it was the last chance we'd have to watch Unc play with the boys I've been watching him play with since he was in 3rd grade, since he's headed to a different high school than the rest of them next year, we had to give it a shot and see how you'd hold up.

Once again, you've proven yourself to be quite a trooper. Your Grandma is the loudest fan of all, and while you jumped a little bit the first few times she cheered, you quickly adjusted and started clapping and hollering along with the crowd.

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The team won all of their games, coming in second in the tournament. After all was said and done, you joined us for a little celebration at a local sports bar, and held your own amongst the noise and commotion there, too.

 While that was the last time we'll get to see Unc play with that team, there will be no shortage of sports events to go and support him at. I'm already looking forward to what is becoming an annual family getaway for a baseball tournament in June. You weren't quite big enough to truly enjoy or appreciate it last year, but this year, I can't wait to see all the fun in store for you!



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  1. Ah she is so cute. I love the bandana!

    Jack definitely has an aversion to loud noises. He LOVES jets, but always runs to hide when they fly over because they are so loud. He isn't a fan of the vacuum either.


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