Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#365feministselfie August

The month of August was a crazy one for me. Work was crazy, home was crazy, life was crazy. I was crazy. There were walks in the rain and merry-go-round rides. There were babywearing meetups and a rare date night. There was lots of silliness and lots of snuggles. We celebrated my birthday and the completion of the elementary school Delilah and Canon will attend. We went to Delilah's 4K Orientation at said school. We found out we were losing our childcare provider and had to scramble to find a solution. We moved the kids each into their very own new bedrooms. We all got more sleep! We survived. Maybe even thrived. But man, I hope September is quiet with an easy transition into autumn. I'll keep the snuggles and the silly, but the crazy can take a hike! Ooooh, a hike sounds good. September #365feministselfie goal: HIKING SELFIES! :)

I love this project. <3 p="">

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