Sunday, July 27, 2014

Woven Wrap Review: Yaro Slings Turtle

Wrap: Yaro Slings Turtle Brown
Carry: Double Hammock
Baby: Not mine- 15 months, 20 pounds
It's no secret that I love babywearing. Beyond the function and convenience of being able to carry
children hands-free, it has become a hobby and a passion of mine. Part of that passion is promoting affordable, accessible babywearing, because as beautiful as pretty piles of fluffy wraps are, the non-collector, non-hobbyist, non-wealthy babywearer is typically looking for something that gets the job done at the right price. In the woven wrap world, the right price is subjective, but "budget" wraps are typically considered those priced at or under $100.

Yaro Turtle Blue

While some budget options have a reputation for being stiff and requiring a lot of work to break in, Yaro Slings Turtle wraps are soft and easy to wrap with after the first wash. The textured weave gives a nice grip to this fluffy, airy wrap, holding the passes in place after they easily glide there. With its impressive stretch and serious moldability, it's easy to achieve a snug, secure wrap job, and this wrap offers plenty of cush for picky shoulders without the bulk or weight of some thicker, more dense options.

Turtle is a medium-weight wrap; the manufacturer lists the g/m2 as 230, my friend weighed it at 243. It wraps lighter than its weight and is the absolute opposite of a "beast", easy to wrap with and a breeze to tighten right from the start.

Wrap: Yaro Slings Turtle Blue
Carry: Double Hammock
Baby: 13 months, 25 pounds
Turtle shines as a base size wrap, but would be suitable as a mid-length or shorty as well. In a double hammock, the ruck straps didn't budge on my super-sloped shoulders. A wonderful wrap for all ages from squishy newborns to robust toddlers, Yaro Slings Turtle has become my go-to suggestion for both new wrappers and seasoned veterans looking for wrap qualities often associated with higher brands at a fraction of the cost. This is a wrap suitable for all wearers, all babies, and all seasons. Even in mulit-layer carries, it wasn't terrible in heat and humidity.

Wrap: Yaro Slings Turtle Brown
Carry: Front Wrap Cross Carry
Models: Amanda & Fox
Yaro Slings Turtle comes in a variety of colors and sizes and can be purchased through the Slingomama Co-op on Facebook for about $70 for a size 6.

Wrap: Yaro Turtle Brown
(stripped w/RIT Color Remover)
Carry: Ruck
Models: Deanna & Lucas

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. This review was unsolicited and I have received no compensation. Comments and opinions are based on my personal experience with this wrap. 


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